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Promise Land Christian Fellowship's mission is to encourage and inspire people to the Love and Grace of Jesus. Through Intercessory Prayer and Sound Teaching, people will become free from bondage. Living life without Limits in Jesus Christ.

Online E community 

Join our online E community this is the place where our online members let us know who they are. We want all of our members to be apart of our ministry by clicking join now you will receive a New Member Package that comes with a few special gifts for our online members.  Click the Join now button email us your name, phone number , address, and favorite bible scripture.

Marriage Counseling 

Here at Promise Land Christian Fellowship we belive marriage is an institution established by God betweeen man and woman .In the middle of a struggling marriage, it's very easy to put attention on whatever's wrong instead of stopping to listen to God and ask Him for direction. Here at Promise Land Christian Fellowship we are dedicated to help couples to restore their faith in God and their faith in each other. We also provide Pre Marriage counseling

which prepares couples for marriage and helps to ensure that they have a healthy relationship

before they take their vows before GOD.

Holding Hands
Youth Ministry

We understand the youth is a major key when it comes to saving souls for the GOD’s Kingdom. We take the time out to let the youth know that serving GOD is cool and not boring. Being one of God’s sheep is the best thing you can do. We motivate our youth to develop their own relationship with God and to have a mustard seed of faith that all things are possible the thru Jesus Christ.

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